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Computer Services

Recognizing our customer’s additional requirements for networking office computers, sharing devices, resources and files, the Internet access,  we havee xpanded our products and service offerings to meet our customers needs. To meet these needs Consulting 4U2 Inc. has been engaged in a long term contract with a few Toronto based companies, which specialized in providing computer consulting. Our extensive installation procedures have evolved us into a one stop shop provider for the "total network solution"

Also, we have accounts with the major computer products distributors in Canada which allow us to buy computer products at wholesale price and save hundred of dollars to our clients.

All aspects of the customer’s requirements from installation to certification are handled efficiently and professionally, usually during the weekends. This results in a smoother more personal and less disruptive installation.

Products and Services Available…

Customized computer workstations

Customized servers

Printers and printer servers

Network design consulting

Network interface cards, Hubs, Routers, ISDN Modems

Network cabling

Network OS (Win 2000/2003/XP/Vista) and application software

Key Benefits

Professional, efficient, customer oriented service 
Quick service response
On site training provided