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Our Mission

By providing our service and advice on a timely and cost effective basis, Consulting 4U2 Inc. strives to go beyond the expectations of our clients with a clear understanding from both sides of the and personal.

Dear Entrepreneur

As the owner and operator of your own business, you know first hand how important it is to keep up-to-date financial records. You also know that trying to maintain your books regularly takes time away from actually running your business – time you can’t afford.

But now there’s help. Introducing Consulting 4U2 Inc., a personal accounting services I began more than six years ago for professionals just like you.

Consulting 4U2 Inc. provides a comprehensive computerized service that puts you back in control of your finances. Backed by a team of accounting specialists with more than 21 years experience, you can count on Consulting 4U2 Inc. to give you the sense of confidence and security that comes with looked after.